Senior Band

Conducted by Ed March

 Consisting of the most experienced players within the TVB group, the Senior Band performs at a wide range of engagements from formal concerts, to flower shows, summer fetes, parades, birthday parties and carol services. The Senior Band (which was formed in 1970) has won national contests, toured parts of the UK and Europe, broadcasted on local and national television, played cruise ships out on voyage, released a CD and raised significant amounts of money for charity. The Senior Band plays all styles of music, from classical to pop, jazz to film, and modern to old.

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Senior Band is a very friendly group of players  who all have a shared passion for making music. The band consists of a wide range of ages from 16 years up to 70+, including talented young players who have progressed up from our Youth Band and Senior Academy "cross-over" players, which is just fantastic! 

  There is no entry criteria to join the Senior Band, however we recommend you are at least grade 5 standard. Players of up to grade 5 standard are very welcome at our Senior Academy (see info opposite).

Senior Band are available for booking for a wide range of events, such as concerts, weddings, parties, summer fetes and Christmas fayres. If you would like TVB  Senior Band to perform at your event, please get in touch via our email address -


Conducted by Ken West

The Academy is a beginner band specifically for adults which introduces complete beginners to playing brass and percussion instruments in an ensemble before 'graduating' to the Senior Band. Learning a musical instrument as an adult is a big commitment, but a very rewarding one, and we will give you every encouragement to succeed, in what is a very happy and enthusiastic environment.

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We use a graded assessment scheme to allow members to monitor their progress. This is based on the successful Award Scheme used within the TVB Youth Band, which approximately follows the standards of external grades, e.g. Yellow Pin is approximately Grade 1, Green Pin is approximately Grade 2 etc. Progress is assessed during regular "Assessment evenings" which are held approximately every 6 weeks.



Mondays 6.30-7.45pm (Academy)

Mondays 8pm-9.45pm (Senior Band)


Test Valley Brass Band Room, John Hanson School,

Floral Way, Andover, Hants, SP10 3PB

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Senior Academy - Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Senior Academy for?
All adults who are keen to learn a brass instrument or percussion, either as a complete beginner or as a returning player.
Beginners -

We will teach you all the basics of playing an instrument and reading music.
Returning Players -

The Senior Academy is a perfect environment for building your stamina back up and increasing your confidence.

Who are the tutors?
Ken is the musical director of the Senior Academy, but he also does the vast majority of the work behind the scenes, e.g. the administration, week-to-week planning and also writing/re-arranging music for the Academy. Ken is assisted by other members of TVB and local musicians who provide tuition on an individual and small group basis.

How much does it cost?
To be a member of TVB costs approx £1.50 per week. Excellent value, considering this includes the loan of an instrument and your tuition.

Am I too old for to learn an instrument?
This is a very common question, but the answer is most definitely no! We believe no-one is too old to learn a new skill, especially learning to play an instrument.

I don't have my own instrument - can I borrow one?
TVB has a range of band instruments available to loan to players, and this is included within your subscription.