Youth Band

Conducted by Steve Brewer

Open to all brass and percussion players under the age of 19, the Youth Band provides young people with a fun and enjoyable environment to play within a brass band.

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Conducted by Ken West

Frosty's is a beginner band which introduces learners to the art of playing in an ensemble before 'graduating' to the Youth Band. As players progress, they become 'crossovers' meaning the first half of rehearsal is spent with Frosty's, and the second half of rehearsal is spent with Youth Band, providing a less daunting transition to the Youth Band. Typically players will move full time to the Youth Band once they achieve the equivalent of Grade 3 standard.

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The Youth Band and Frosty's rehearse once a week with a break half way through for socialising and buying snacks from the tuck shop. Members of Youth Band and Frosty's benefit from individual/small group tuition as well as the full band rehearsals.


Thursdays 6.30pm-8pm (term-time only)


Test Valley Brass Band Room, John Hanson School, Floral Way,

Andover, Hants, SP10 3PB

The Musicianship Award Scheme

All Youth and Frosty's members are encouraged to participate in TVB's Musicianship Award Scheme. This is a challenging yet rewarding scheme which helps members develop as musicians and band players. There are 9 levels in the scheme, beginning at prelim level which once completed allows entry into Frosty's. Members of Frosty's work towards Yellow, Green and Red Pins which are approximately grade 1-3 standard. On gaining the green pin, members become "Cross-overs" playing half of rehearsal in Frosty's and half in Youth Band. Once the red pin is gained, members move full time to the youth band and can progress on to gain blue, black, bronze, silver and gold pins (approximately grades 4-8). Each level of the award involves scales, a study piece, theory and various band tasks - the difficulty increasing with each level. Certificates and pins to wear as part of the TVB uniform are awarded at each level.