Welcome to Test Valley Brass

We are an organisation dedicated to the promotion and enjoyment of live brass band music in Andover and the surrounding area.

We are a family of bands catering for all ages and abilities, and perform at a wide range of concerts and events throughout the year.

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The Bands

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Youth Band: Open to brass and percussion players under the age of 19, the Youth Band provides young people with a fun and enjoyable environment to play within a brass band, performing at a range of concerts and fetes throughout the year.

Frosty's: A beginner band which introduces young learners to the art of playing in an ensemble before "graduating" to the Youth Band (under 19's only).

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Senior Band: Consisting of the most experienced players within the group, the Senior Band performs at a wide range of engagements from formal concerts, to flower shows, summer fetes, parades, birthday parties and Christmas caroling. 

Academy: A beginner band specifically for adults which introduces complete beginners to playing brass and percussion instruments in an ensemble before "graduating" to the Senior Band.

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If you would like to book one of the bands for your event, please contact

us via our email address: engagements@testvalleybrass.co.uk

TVB Events


Check out our events page to find out where you can next hear one of our bands performing.